Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunamis, Earthquakes and the Earths rotation

Its a scary sounding comment, that the earthquake off Sumatra's coast has altered to rotation of our earth. For the most part, scientists are playing it down, and they can't really give us much information yet. I guess the important thing to realize is that this isn't the first earthquake to do this. Previous earthquakes of such magnatude have done the same and we're still all here.

They say it has caused the earth to wobble (doesn't it already?), and shortens our days by a fraction of a second. Scientifically, its not supposed to effect us, but boy, are the doomsday voices getting wound up again. This is the best thing for them since Y2K. Over the next few months, we will no doubt see a lot of wild "scientific" claims. And you can bet your booty that climate changes will be a part of those claims. Now the quake itself did physically change the tectonic plates at the epicenter, quite signifcantly. Some reports are saying several of the islands nearby where moved as much as 67 feet.

I'm thinking that the 67,000+ lives lost and the potential for 10's of thousands more is what the world should be worried about. Right now I am ashamed to admit I am Canadian. We have an Emergency Disaster Response Team that can go into almost any area, purify water, build an instant hospital and no doubt other wonderful features, that our government feels, "would not be of use there at this time" . I'm sorry, I guess they are saving it for a real disaster. Rumours are that the est $25 million it costs to deploy is an issue. Now let me get this straight. They spent over $2 billion so they could make a list of all the farmers with guns up here, and they don't think the people who could die from disease there are worth $25 million??
Maybe our government should hand the EDR kit over to a country that isn't too cheap to pay for using it. We cannot bring back those who've died, but the power is in the hands of the whole world to save as many more.

Yes, once again, Canada has proven itself a cowardly, cheap and well, just plain idiots. On behalf of myself and many other embarrassed Canadians, my apologies to all.

A new view from the edge

This is the edge. Its time the world started to think and see things differently. We are all so caught up in our old way, we can't get through the evolutionary speedbump. In the past 100 years, our technologies have grown in leaps and bounds, but now it seems all our brilliant minds can do is build that same technology smaller and faster.

We have thousands of brilliant minds, yet research, inventions and new ideas face so many obstacles that many are left to gather dust. Case in point... we could have had microwave ovens in the late 40's yet they didn't appear in our kitchens until the 70's. A lot of what we see held back is through fear. Fear of technology, or simply of the change it will enact.